Welcome to my website and hopefully to the first step of your journey towards making positive changes in your life!

I understand how daunting it can be to take the first step towards Therapy.  Sharing your personal thoughts and feelings with someone you know very little about can also be difficult.

There are stages in our lives when we struggle with feelings related to loss, relationships or trauma which may cause us to suffer anxiety, depression or low self esteem.  At times we are unaware of the specific problem but just feel life is not working out as it should.  It is easy to get stuck in a cycle and don’t know how to change the habitual patterns that might have been created.

Learning how to communicate is a powerful healing tool where together we can begin to develop change, to heal wounds and scars which may engulf our lives.  You can learn to make changes in your life, develop positive meaningful relationships and explore your potential as a human being.

And remember, you don’t need to be at the end of your tether to begin counselling.  Many of my clients come to increase their self-awareness and support their development.

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