The Benefits of Talking Therapy

Have you ever thought about having Therapy?

If you haven’t then you are not alone.  Do you understand the benefits or have you been taught that emotional things shouldn’t be discussed?  Learning to find your voice can be empowering,  learning to voice those difficult experiences and making sense of how it affects the way you view the world.

Psychodynamic Therapy revisits your childhood, adolescence, relationships with family and care givers and looks at how your journey to adulthood may have affected who you are today.  In the longer term you will find better ways of thinking about, talking about and expressing your feelings and coping with your emotions which result from problems that life throws in your way. 

When you dampen down your feelings and try to ignore them your subconscious will eventually react.  These can eventually pile up or explode in many ways eg. illnesses such as headaches, sleeping problems, ulcers etc which can result in taking needless medication or anti-depressants in some cases.

But repressing or damping down your feelings will not make them go away.  If anything, the opposite may happen and over time you may start to feel angry, depressed or unwell.  You may not suffer a breakdown, but such negative patterns can often mean that you mistreat your family and friends causing problems in other areas of your life such as in your relationship, with your children or at work etc. A huge benefit of talking Therapy is that it can have long lasting effects on you as a person and on your life. 

Sometimes these emotions are so old and deep rooted that you don’t realise that they are the reason that you are reacting or behaving in a certain way. Awareness is the key, once you learn patterns of behaviour and the effects it has had on your thought processes, we can work together to find strategies to change the mindset which will have a ripple affect on how you treat others and ultimately yourself.  Learning to calm that inner voice which often says you are not good enough. 

How often have you forgotten about yourself and placed others before yourself?  Self care is vital, being genuine, real and expressing the journey that only you have experienced; can then start to make sense, voicing your approach and what it feels like being you.  You are important, your story is important, no matter how insignificant you may feel it is, you do matter.

Even two similar paths are not the same, you are unique in how things impacted on you.

Modern life can be full of stress and problems to overcome.  Sometimes these problems can seem overwhelming. 

Challenges such as:



relationship difficulties

depression and anxiety

low self-esteem and lack of confidence

behaviour awareness

Person Centred Therapy is supportive, the ability to listen intently so you can find understanding and meaning in your process.  You are treated with respect, you are not judged or analysed.  You will not be diagnosed, you will be self governing.  The process encourages independence, working towards the goals which are important to you.

The Therapy I provide encourages you to be in the ‘driver seat’.  I will treat you as an equal, inspire you to work through your process and to be self governing.  You will also be encouraged to make decisions to enable you to become more independent in your thinking and decision making.  Once your awareness has developed, the ability to continue with the tools you have learnt within the Therapy will continue way after the Therapy itself has ceased.  My role as a Therapist is to aid in developing your self worth and my clients find this self empowerment rewarding.  Together we can work on the behaviour which keeps you reliving inner trauma and pain from the past.

If this is the type of Therapy that you would find beneficial, it would be my honour to have you as a client.