Finding your voice?

How often as a child did you hear. ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say about someone, then don’t say anything at all’. But there is a problem with that message, a problem that I didn’t recognise until later in life, and that is…

Quality of the working Counselling Relationship.

‘Study after study shows that successful therapy depends on the quality of ‘the relationship between the therapist and client’. ‘You’re better off seeing a graduate student you connect with than a 40 year veteran and Author with whom you don’t feel understood’. Imagine your deepest…

Why cultivating your awareness is important!

Psychotherapist,counsellor,and thinker, Enca Moniz says, “I believe that to heal and feel alive is a lifelong practice that needs to be open and dynamic as life is itself.”

My own personal journey of self discovery has not been an easy journey to say the least, it is engulfed with Narcissistic parenting, relationships and associations. There is a time in your life when it all becomes to much, the happy mask you have cultivated over the years comes crashing down,leaving you with no sense of purpose, questioning your existence and why you have tolerated many of the outcomes in your life, you know its time for your awareness and responsibility to start kicking in.

Low self esteem and low self worth can become your worst enemy, looking for acceptance outside of yourself, not really understanding where you fit in, not realising that you don’t have too fit in…….thats a part of the conditioning love that we fall into or you are treated like an outcast!

One of the reasons I personally love Psychodynamic Therapy is looking through your own personal journey, which brings light to your insecure or secure attachment process, often you realise how narcissistic your parents/caregivers were and the impact it had on you in the here and now, how you see the world, how and why your reactions can be extreme in relationships…these are just a few examples.

I often remind my clients that we are not here to Judge parents/caregivers in any way but to establish patterns of behaviour,what affects us and how we have got into a cycle of perpetuating the behaviour,time and time again. Awareness is key, how do you change anything without awareness, right?

Limited belief?

Have you considered what holds you back from doing some of the things you want to do with your life, very often you have a limited belief which you are unaware of. Our limited beliefs stem from our childhood, were you bullied,abused,told you were not…

Be yourself, no one can say your doing it wrong.

having choice is important but remember that you always have to live with the consequence of that choice, taking responsibility for our choices is challenging but at times its the only way to feel better.  In a safe and non judgemental environment we can become…

Counselling South London

faviAdvanced Diploma in Intergrative Counselling REG: MBACP

I am a qualified Counsellor/therapist with my own private practice in Clapham SW4. I am a registered member of the BACP and work under their ethical framework and guidelines.

There are times in our lives when we struggle with feelings related to loss or relationships. Sometimes we may suffer anxiety, depression and low self esteem. At times we are not aware of the specific problem but feel life is not working out as it should.

At these times talking to a professional counsellor can really help to work things through, I offer a safe,non-judgmental, supportive environment for you to come and work through your problems.

My goal is to provide a space where we can work towards an awareness and understanding of the influence of the past on present behaviours and feelings.